Pricing Policy

  • Cost of tuition is NOT negotiable.
  • Prices are subject to change anytime but with a one-month notice.

This doesn’t affect already booked clients.

  • Money paid is NOT refundable.
  • A group or family of three or more gets 10% discount on the total cost.
  • Members always pay for the use of the pool facility because the club do not own a pool facility yet.
  • Each member has one hour per session


  • Payment are made via cash and Mobile money, debit card, bank transfer and standing order instructions.
  • Payment MUST be made in full before or on the first day of lesson.
  • For Private / Home tuition, 70% of payment can be made for first five(5) session and remainder must be made before or on the sixth(6) session.
  • If remainder is not paid after 7 days, subscription/ lessons will be considered terminated.

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